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TCS Products is a family owned and operated business located in Langley, BC Canada. As a leading manufacturer of performance and extreme automatic transmission parts, our first priority is to deliver the best possible products to our customers. Along with the use of several optional high grade alloy and exotic metals, our billet shafts, drums and internal components are made to excel in all extreme gas and diesel applications.

Our 3 divisions consist of Performance Parts Manufacturing and Sales, CNC Machining and Manufacturing, and Competition Torque Converter Manufacture/Re-Manufacture. Our technicians and project managers have an extensive and diverse background and presence within the motorsport and drag racing industry.

As a manufacturer TCS Products is driven to recognize and address the ultimate needs of performance professionals and enthusiasts. Our modern CNC Machining Services Division produces performance parts year round to meet local and international demands. We rely on customer and dealer satisfaction to measure our success and ultimately maintain the highest standards of our product lines.
We produce a variety of performance parts for major suppliers and racing teams.
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Our Converter Shop originally opened as Torque Converter Specialties and is charged as being the forerunner of TCS Products. TCS Converters continue today as the first choice for many drag racing, performance diesel, towing, sled pulling and off-road applications. Efficient as in the beginning, keeping detailed records of every custom built high stall converter has enabled us to accurately control performance adjustments. Our CNC Machined Solid Aluminum and Steel (Billet) Stators enable us to create a host of performance reactions otherwise unattainable. TCS Products Custom Billet Stators are available to Performance Converter Manufacturers everywhere. “THE BEST CONVERTER JUST GOT BETTER”

Call Steve or Paul for more details. Toll Free in Canada & the U.S.A.: 1-800-960-1177

 TCS Two Shops