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Dodge Diesel Heavy Duty Converter
Product #: A618-89HMD


Transfer MORE POWER to the ground with improved torque efficiency

  • Fully furnace brazed pump and turbine assembly
  • Steel drive splines welded 360 degrees to the turbine versus factory rivets
  • Unbreakable steel stator, lifetime warranty on stator body
  • Heavy duty Torrington enclosed needle bearings
  • Electronically balanced
  • Lower operating transmission temperatures
  • Numerous stall speed combinations available to best suit your vehicle and driving habits
  • Available in single disc and multi-plate lock-up designs using Raybestos clutch linings
  • Increase fuel mileage 1 to 3 mpg in most cases
  • Billet steel front covers available

Contact Paul or Steve for Pricing and Ordering details 1-800-960-1177

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