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A518, A618, 47RE, 48RE Heavy Duty 4x4 Output Shaft - Electronic Trans
Product #: 618102

A518, A618, 47RE & 48RE Extra Heavy Duty 29 Spline Output Shaft for the Electronic Transmission

TCS offers the extra heavy duty 4X4 output shaft for the Dodge Cummins diesel truck market.

  • Increased shaft diameter from 1.230" to 1.480" for 20% additional strength
  • Output shaft is made from 9310 Vacumelt high strength billet steel
  • The radius has been increased to further protect areas prone to stress fractures
  • This shaft is designed for "EXTREME" service and performance applications

NOTE: This unit MUST be used with a 29 spline input gear 05086311-AA from NV 271 transfer case. Input must be shortened, see instuction below.


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Shorten OE Input Shaft