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Gerry Treit in Scotland

Car: Street legal 1940 Willys Coupe GRP shell

Location: Leslie, Fife, Scotland.

Chassis: Home built CDS frame with funny car style cage.

Engine: 605 World (Mopar based) block, Indy heads, built by Muscle Motors in Michigan.

Power adder: Wilson 3 stage nitrous, 500hp hit capable

Gearbox: 727TF, with TCS Products, Griner and Coan internals.

Axle: Moser 8,3/4 Mopar.

Power: 802hp@ 5800, 796ft/lbs@ 4200 naturally aspirated on pump fuel. (92 octane)

Racing Class: UK Street Eliminator - street legal tyres, pump gas, no wheelie bars.

Performance: 9.98@ 136 no gas, 9.4@ 148 on smallest nitrous jets and block tread tyres.

The car is still relatively new out and currently lacking seat time and traction with a 800 miles return trip to nearest track. Plenty more to come!