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Duke of Destruction Oct'07

Sheer Insanity

Owner/Driver: Gerard Barcroft, (Ged) Medicine Hat, Alberta. Ged is originally from Manchester England, came to Canada with the British Army 15 years ago. Ged has 26 years as a Heavy Duty Mechanic, used to be a Tank Recovery mechanic while in the British Army! He's been driving Monster Trucks for 7 years and was the 2001 Canadian Rookie of the Year.

Truck Specs:

  • 2003 Silverado SS 1/2 Ton
  • 521 ci Jenke with Merlin Heads
  • 8:71 Blower
  • 1400 hp
  • Turbo 400 (Modified) Tranny, TCS High Stall Converter
  • Suspension - Leaf Spring with 16 Pro Comp 3000 shocks
  • Tires - 66 in Good Year Terra
  • Differentials - Rockwell 912, rear locker with planetary gears
  • Fuel - Injected Methanol


NOTE: Ged is just 1/2 of "The Team" his wife Kathy are known as the "Duke and Duchess of Destruction"

Trivia: Ged's truck got it's name after a phone call to his mother in England when he told her he had sold his house to buy a monster truck. She quickly retorted, "Gerard, that's utterly insane!"

One further tid bit, Ged had a brain aneurysm in May of 2002 and was unable to drive his truck for almost a year. He has made a 100% recovery and has a letter from his brain surgeon certifying him to drive.  Hmm I wonder what his mother thinks of that?