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Bill James Mustang Feb'10

Owner: Esther James and Driver Bill James

We're running a TCS Products Converter. Best pass ever was an 8.89 @ 154, 1.31 60ft in street legal trim. We actually used to drive the car to and from the track at the time. Two years ago we took the power adder out to go Pro Bracket racing. Finished 10th the first year and 13th last year in points.

Motor is quite mild S/B Ford dyno numbers on gas, 535 rear wheel HP, torque 560 ft/lbs. For 2010 we are going to methanol so who knows. Want to keep the car in low 10's bracket so may have to de-tune as the car ran low 10.30 last year. My wife Esther is the the registered owner but, she lets me drive, too cool eh. Put car on rear bumper a number of years ago in the Street Legals at Mission, hence wheelie bars.